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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

are true friends hard to find? sure is to me...

its pretty hard to define a true friend.some say a friend is someone who understands you,
someone who helps when ur in need,or maybe someone who listens to ur every word.but have you ever thought of what they actually think in their head or whether is they
are listening?

ask urself. does this make up a "true" friend. my definition of a true friend is grace.
a mystery as she may sound to you but she is truly a friend.despite all of the above ive mentioned
there's somemore about her that makes her a blessing to me and the ppl who noe her.

a "true" friend is one that has gone thru every rough zone you have been thru.
shared the sadness and the pain. tolerates every crappy silly things u sed.accepts you
even though ur the most pathetic desparate person on earth and the finally a true always tries to help and never gives up.

please dont think of this as a "gay-ish" thought.

ever since she left to nz.i feel that everyone around me is a fake.ppl at skool and even ppl who i think
are friends.1 thing i forgot to mention abt friendship is that we help each other. when you fall
ill pick you up and if i fall ull pick me up. now that i m 18, ive realise how senial this place is.
especially witout ur friends.sum ppl at skool are great and some are fake! its a pac of wolves.they work together to survive,
stay close to keep themselves warm and are stronger when theyre together. but if that wolve has no pac.
how long can it possibly last in the wild. i mite say that i m that lonely wolf. i wonder around hoping to survive. tried trusting
some ppl but they deceived me. i tried helping sum ppl that shunt me.tried getting along they just ignored me.

i m weak you say?dont say that i havnt tried hard.i have!..ive tried getting along wit ppl hoping to understand them and for them to understand me.
but every single tym i try ill always end up hurting myself by their literal comments and critisicism.

sometimes when i even try to get into a conversation, i get lost and have no idea wat the hell is going on.
i felt left out.PUSHED AWAY!.i dunno wat i did or sed that made them to this.wat a min! i never sed anything!
coz since i m always lost i m like a sitting duck waiting for duck season.

just thinking, m i just in the wrong place? maybe i m not in the place i m suppose to be. i should be like my frens who
moved across the world and found new friends. they have not stayed here as long as i have been and they have not seen the same faces everyday as i have.
maybe its abt tym i disappear and never cum back. come to think of it,ill work hard to find my way out wit no regrets and doubts.

bottom line. i miss grace, pheebs, hannah and meng. hope u guys will be back soon. cheerz!