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Wani. 22. audacious

Canon EOS 450D a.k.a Bing
3 lenses. A tripod. A speedlite.
And 2 bags.=)


my love.
Saturday, August 04, 2007

This year im this point in life, we may have experienced lost but at the same time found sumthing else

For me, theres sumone, not just any sumone, but a real sumone. ( dont get me huh? ) ANYWAYS....

this guy is the most faithful, cool, and honest guy ive met. but uve got to admit that faithfulness in a guy is kinda rare.

my friend introduced him to me. we had the same phone and very close to having the same names. WEIRD HUH? he was and still is full of surprises...(nothing i wud expect from a malay guy..hehehe) but he was more than that...nothing but loyal and just wants to make me happy

another thing i just came to realise is what a knock out year it has been for me. however i use to see and think of things has changed completely! for the past few year ive totally underestimated sum ppl and now im taking it all back. what is unexpected has definately changed my point of view about everything~

wani '07

dear readers/bored ppl with nothing else to do but read ppl blogs, ( hahaha!)

its been awhile since i posted anything up on this blog. so here's the update to those who are clueless abt me...

im currently : sydney taking Petroleum Engineeering ( yes! all that stress from the last blog was worth it! )
..with sumone whom i will later introduce =p

Being in Sydney is great putting aside all the stressful work and being away from home. but its sumthing one have to do for a career. ive met new friends from college ( hostel where i stay in uni) and from brunei. we like to do things together for instance shopping and held any event possible which includes foods, movies and last but not least SHOPPING! shopping here is amazing especially when everything is on sale! the bruneians i hang out with are the coolest crowd ive met.

they have changed my whole concept of " typical bruneians". they are not nothing but cool, down to earth ppl who makes every moment fun- taking pictures (everywhere!) n shop~ ( until kapeh) , exploring sydney. the best part abt being with them is that you'll feel more homey with and have alot of things in common like work, fav foods ,and everything that reminds us of home. whenever one is down , just bring out ur camera and take pics with them and u can tell the diff from that look on your face.

here's some of our gatherings:

(theres more but no space hah! )

Atcollege, i met a lot of diff ppl from canberra, Hong Kong, Thai,China,Malaysia,Singapore..
although it gets abit out of hand in college especially during the weekends where everyone gets drunk, the ppl in college im with are the more sobber part o the crowd. =) . despite the fact that we barely know each other ,we are alot like family. when sumones homesick, everyone from the floor will gather and try to cheer u up, give u advices, jokes to make u laugh or even bring you out to late nite coffee houses to have a drink...

ive been here for almost 7 months now and had tonnes to do ..(ESPECIALLY SHOPPING AND EATING!! HAHA)

my college buddies: jess mak, Alex lau, anna, heroge, bernice, chantelle, and KRISPY KREMES~~!!