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Wani. 22. audacious

Canon EOS 450D a.k.a Bing
3 lenses. A tripod. A speedlite.
And 2 bags.=)


life Being Held Back
Monday, March 13, 2006

my a Level holidays has been the best holiday ever...despite my unsatisfying results, i found true friends...friends who are there for you and understand you...
being a jay fan, i found a true fren who shares the same kind of music and same "shits" has been about 12 hours since he left to aussie and m already missing him like hell....just yesterday i tried to occupy myself with sports and hanging out with friends but i still cudnt help thinking about the tyms we spent together.,,singing till late nite during a sleepover at my frens place and drinking hehehe...and not to forget the tyms we went swimming and getting ourselves burn..just dis morning when i woke up and realised it was a fri ( when we always swim),that he is not around anymore to go swimming and no more wrestling..hai~..typing and reminding myself sure is depressing..=s..good tyms good tyms...its ashame that good tyms dont last..
maybe its abit too soon to say that i miss em especialy being only 12 hours. it feels completely diff now. one moment you have sumone to tok to...sumone u can help and he help you..and the next moment, he is not there sure we can still keep in touch but it wont compare to his presence.
life reeks!

shop shop shop
Saturday, March 04, 2006

kl is sooo cooolll!~! vhavnt been here in 10 years and its amazing hows things have changed around here.. plus! now that im older.. ive learn to appreciate the shopping life!hehe

my dad has got everything fomr this shop to that shop...

this is the 1st tym my shopaholic self got exposed..i shopped like crazy today...whatever i saw..i grabbed and i bought...i feel silly but excited...

what ive got for today;

adidas jacket
esprit skirt
padini blouse
levis jeans(m uuuu la la!)
this is just the 1sy day..hehehe more to cum..hehehe..

haha..i am crazy..woo hooo!