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Wani. 22. audacious

Canon EOS 450D a.k.a Bing
3 lenses. A tripod. A speedlite.
And 2 bags.=)


Sunday, August 31, 2008

EveryDay Minerals is what nena was showing off to everyone~ =p hahah! nadawah~

went to nenas house forawhile today to check out her new make up that finally arrived after soo long~ cool also la the stuff and the sparkless and the colours~

and i also became a victom of EDM. my eyes are one big one small..and SEPET summore!keke!

visit to lindts,

Actually ive got these pictures dari my friend ( glyniss thanks beb =) ). been hiding in my hard drive that i totally forgot to post abt it. haha! blur blur~ it was friday and it was the only day these busy girls can go out~ hahah! rajin wa we all =p we decided to go to Lindts cafe. yes people~ the lindts chocolate u guys can find in SUPASAVE or UTAMA GRAND or HUA HO etc..ada CAFEEEE~ HAHAHA! and its the bestt~ tapi mahal~ but YUMMMMMMMMM!

sugar rush after that! high and run around city mcm orang gilakss hahah!

The waffle with the cholate sauce and the smooth vanilla ice creammm...

and the oh~ so smooth hot choco.the choco sauce *KICK~!*

The Lindts small mahal..but so * meltssss*

And this is what happened after all the chocolate! we went to every store and went out with nothing~ haha!

p.s: whoaa all the food is makingg me think abt kuih raya ~ TAPAK GAJAH COMING UP :p puasa soon nie guys~ happy puasa peepz! =)

bah wat are you guys waiting for...COME TO SYDNEY PPL~ lawa tu outing sini =D


Tropic thunder.

my blogger cant seem to post masa atu~ so im posting everything now hee! friday nite the girl aka Nena, Hirda and Fiqah decided to go watch Tropc thunder di city =) hee! its been awhile ive been to the city so layannn hee! Oh yea, i diden bring Bing pasal malam and i takut lerr~ so all pictures are Sony DSC-T2 quality =p ..kweng kweng~

The movie id say has NO story line TAPI its cali to the brabisly! hahaha! promise to crack u up =p

Tropic Thunder In Action.

Then after the movies, we went to this desert place on the way to darling harbour. =) forgot the name of the place..orangnya masuk saja ahaha!
so we ordered,
Chocolate Dip( yummm!)

and Banana Crepes( my favouriteeee * hearts*)

in this picture i kinda edited Hirda in it pasal she was actually the one taking the pic ..haha! ( its pretty obvious~ haha! WUU sandi~ =p )

while waiting for the bus..
banci ku my half face! haha! so many times i tried keep on getting only half of me~ lol


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spring was SUPPOSE to be here. its been cold and wet ALOT~ and sunny at times..but still cold haha~! dunno how will i survive if i stay for winter~ abis tidur next to the heater haha!

Dark Clouds.

it gets dark..the wind here blows to strongly that you can actually watch the clouds move..kinda scary~ kalau ujan di brunei ok ckit...ada keta...if ujan here~ payung pun patah ditiup angin~ pakai plastic rh kepala sja =p

oh yeah...and this is my wall...ive been collecting postcards or cards of any sort with arts on it ..lawa~ and been sticking them on my wall..

my goal: cover it all over my room! WOO h00~

My wall.
p.s: its post processed.hehee! saja kan liat how it looks..but its actually warna-ful. hahah!


I heart Easyway!!!!
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Having my maths test tomorrow..but i nada mood larr here i am ..editing pics and online tunggu orang layan me until my mood im chatting to odelia and tina~ hahah! showed them a self portrait i made coz i was BORED. but nada ku post sini ah ~ rh flicker saja.hee! i think its soo emo but i dunno ah ... see you yourself HERE!

anyhooos, like i sed..i lovee easyway...taro with pearls and peach black tea with pearlllsss ( no ice!) hehe! me like pearls..yum yum chewy chewy * mmmm* puasa is in a week...bwohh~~ ready to detoxxxxx~~~ * winks* During puasa will be the time i get to really tone up ..gym after sungkai makan roti~ jadi gym junkie niE~and then KO pengsan dirumah! huhu!

My easyway

easyway KUUUUU!!

Easyway easyway!!

Nisah,mizah,me and nena. hee! ( nisah ordered vanilla sumthing~ mmmmm )

-pearls pearls pearlsssss-

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ray Ban Reflection
reflection Ray ban ( huhu!)

im sure u guys have noticed my blog has been made private.hehe! sorry for the inconvenience folks~

quite a few have been asking why..i dont know how to answer you guys im sorry about that.. its just sumthing that i hope will fade with time.. as time is sabarrr sabarrr~ =)

though at times i do feel uneasy about the whole private stuff...its not about getting famous from creative blogs or getting more tags or having more counts ( ok, maybe the counts do make me glad at times~ haha)

To me, Bingness is about my shots with Bing..what i have learnt and what id like to share and receive comments to learn more...yes, i think im into photography more than i thought..its keeps me bz and happy and i learn more from bing everyday. (escape from depression la kiranya =p )

But,most of all, it makes him proud of what im capable of because he has inspired me =D

once again, sorry for the trouble guys~ i will keep posting as usual so do check from time to time as the counts make me feel good *at times* hahah! awuu wah~ i like wa ok ~ LOL


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Now, im listening to Jason Mraz Feat Colby - Lucky .

Being far away from home sometimes makes me think about masa dulu dulu ( masa muda muda dulu~) hehe! I played tennis since i was 9 yrs old and since then i meet my lifetime inseperable friends. we would play tennis all they EVERYDAY like there no tomorrow..but now, they are all scattered everywhere around the world..but its only temporary~ so sabar or ill FIND THEM. hahah!

in the mean time, one has to go thru with ones journey..and im feeling lucky to have found love, family and friends who are as gila as my childhood frens (haha! nadawahh) .Alhamdullilah im here now working my way for one day when kami semua kaya raya~ bali rumah, BMW, and BLING BLINGS~ we shall reunite then continue our gila-ness =p

So im lucky to have ..

My family &

My friends =)

Last but not least, my photos from bing... =p


Monday, August 18, 2008

the concert was *SCREAMS* DA BESSTTTT~!! wish my darling was with me=( ..the songs were great and they sounded soo much better LIVE! i diden bringg bing though pasal takut too crowded so brought my sony DSC T-2 saja :P so dpt curi2 * ahem*although, i did regret big time not bringin it.*mental*

anyways, managed to grab some parts of the concert on video( very short ones.hee!). click on the links below to view =D enjoy peepz!

The rock,Dewi Dewi,Dewa and andra
Aku Bukannya Siapa2.

Andra and the Backbones
blurry :S

Australian Idol.
Jessica Mauboy - Australian Idol.
shes half indon and her voice * fuuuuyooohh* very the nice ...kinda like Christina Aguilera~ * no kidding man!*


Pesta Kampung 2008.
Sunday, August 17, 2008

The pesta kampung was held today where there was indonesian food ( GOOD FOOD) and a preview performance by Andra and the Backbones, Mulan Jameela and Dewi. The concert is tomorrow and im soo goin! ( oh yeah~ *victory dance!* ) It was soo packed during their performance so it was hard to get pics thru the crowd. but i tried my best:P hee!

btw, there were alot of photogs out there and with those huge A** lenses (ie the L-lens) and im talking abt the white ones..mcm bazooka~! ( note to self: GET one! )

satay pleasee~

pre performances by some random band =)



Mulan Jameela
mulan jameela.

andra and the Backbones.

lawa that guitarr!

check out the do~ rugged mohock~ hahah! and his "drumming" (haha!) is *Thumbs up* .

There was also a make up artist in action...presenting puteri pesta kampung! hahaha!

Puteri tanpa make up :P


...and just before i left..i spot a family taking pictures.. the little girl so cutee~ shhh~ =p


more on my flickr. ALOT more~ =p

Wide Angle.
Friday, August 15, 2008

decided to get vained up! hahaha! nothing else to do bahh and sumthing was missing :S so kept myself buzeh with the wide angle~ siuk effect nya! hahahaha !

Wide angle ness!


OH YEAHHH! shot the FULL moon today~ not very puas hati with it will be rh my flicker saja. =P

to me..

Sunset & sillouhettes @ Centennial.

the sunset was priceless! and the trees look good with the red sky =)


this one me likeyyyy~






Centennial Park.

The landscape was so pretty especially during sunset =) ..and its overcrowded with BIRDS! swans...duckieesss ( me LIKE duckies~ QUACK!!)..and some other breed that i have never seen before.Most were cockatoos~ scary, crazy hungry cockatoos! haha!

overall, the park is THE place to go relax-green fields, shady trees and lakes. there were alot of ppl jogging and cycling and horse riding there too :) ..tapi sajukkkk~~ brr~~~




unknown birdie.( looks like a mix breed of chicken or sumthing.haha!tapi mcm ayam usulnya =p )

Baby cockatoo. ( i was right in front of it.and it POSED! CUTTTEEE! =D)

They are EVERYWHERE.( btw, beware of the swans. they attack.)

Q-ing for food.



tapiii...if u dont feed themmm....



odd one out.




Muka lawa.