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Wani. 22. audacious

Canon EOS 450D a.k.a Bing
3 lenses. A tripod. A speedlite.
And 2 bags.=)


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

gilaa~!! nena was right~ brabis sale wa here! hahah~! coach ...burberry...etc etc...but i good girl~ wUUU~!!

its 1.31 am now waiting for the shuttle to terminal 2. getting a room to crash.=p

uhm uhm...ill b home 11 am tomrrow ..cant wait. i think..
err..what ive learn today is - People, jgn too excited abt something ..NEVER get too excited...pasal when it doesnt turn out right..after all that tingly will bumped u like SMACK on the ground WAWAWAWA!


gtg trains here.

- lessonlearnt -

p.s: i bought the most cutest bag from coach =p ( cudnt resist!! hahahaahahaha!)
but im still wallet-less. hahh! apakan ? :P:P

In Black&White.
Sunday, June 22, 2008





Just a few shots.. =p


Friday, June 20, 2008

I WANT BEG BARUUU!! me wallet got stolen twice this semester..and now im walletless =(=(..*sniff* please? or burberry..or maybe a simple roxy or billabong =p ? hahaha!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Went to bondi beach & saw the moon rise. it was beautiful ...(nada di brunei nie hahaha! )

it started with a bright spec in the sky as the surroundings gradually dimmed....

then as the sky gets darker, the spec rose...

Finally, nature's beauty...

though i think it looks like the sun...but its really the MOON ( majalz. =p ) ..biasee..masih rookie..nyeh!


oh yeah...almost forgot..this one also very the lawa =p...hee!. its was all over the walls along Bondi Beach.




kangen- rindu/miss.

hmm..cant sleep. going back soon in a week time. sure am excited to see now i angan2 la..

**bing and car!,sam, my brother, and theres him...**

The absence of presence makes the "missing" more intense. cant wait to get be present and finally be there =)

..& hold..<3



Strong winds.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

bored sh*tless now. went thru my pics and admiring them ( haha! siuk sendiri)

beautifully messy.

The city at set.

overtake (panning*)


The bokeh.



The classic look.

i personally like this portrait i took of my fren. so ada class =)

tapi wani inda pakai tudong. wawawa~!

-kweng kweng~-


....still smiling...

Grrrrrrr~!!!!!!! ihateEXAMS!
berCrazy-crazy in the law library. haha!



"its not goodbye! its see you lattteeerrr!"my friends who left always said this to me ...until the day i left i said the same to my loved ones. although i have to admitt that it wudnt be long until u break down thinking why the heck did u leave where everything was right.

but, as imperfect as we are ...we always WANT MORE! its a part of human nature to want more. not need..u WANT IT! We leave to do what we gotto to to come back successful coz we want to be..we choose it. one can choose to stay and take watever there is to offer...but..u got to admit...white gold is better than silver =p

Its only temporary. remember that! -its what you want.its what u with with it..soon it'll be over and worthwhile.

"its not goodbye, ill see you later"

-dedicated to my dearest bebehzz!
-u know u love me.x0x0 -


Just a lill too much.

A handful.

The little ladies.

see,hear&say NO EVILL~

D'girls & i - crazy and wild.just as we are.

talent on the street.



me Stinky Fweet.

Shells on the wall.

a different view

@night in 30"

the purple flower- this is fav fav fav one( with more comments too =p )

Especially like this one because it is soo romantic when i spotted them look at some old album in front of the church. { gahh! i miss him!=( }

more on flicker tu~ so click click at the link..c'mon..its just a click awayy...hahah! majalz!

new & updated

Its been since 2007 i've posted anything! hahaha~! i didnt even realise that this still exist.wawawa!! theres been alot going on since the new ,for starters...let me introduce to you my "baby" - BING! aka THE canon SLR 450D. (inspired by my one and only <3)

Got him this early april- 3rd April 2008 at the Digital warehouse in was at a good price included with 2 lenses ( 18-55mm IS & 55-250mm IS) . Named it after a nick my friend gave me."Bing"- its short, simple and sexy. Yes! my canon 450D Is a "HIM".Hee! he is my new love,my eyes, my one to holddd. =D .

im not sure if im doing this as a hobby or for professional intentions. but in the mean time,i love taking pictures and still getting to know bing inside out..

ive been posting some rookie shots on flicker. so please feel free to browse thru =p ..
i will also be posting only some of my fav pics that has meaning or simply just good lucky shots.haha!

-rookie in progress-
cheers x0x0